What Happens during the First Day I'm on Base?

The day of your arrival will be busy! Please make sure to verify your arrival date and time to ensure a prompt pickup.  Be prepared for the following:
➢ Crew Check In (presentation of paperwork, health forms, and copies of your certifications)
➢ Gear and food outfitting
➢ Route Planning
➢ A Trek Leader led shake-down of group and personal gear
➢ Orientation presentation
➢ Visiting the Trading Post
It is highly preferable to fulfill all of these tasks as soon as you arrive. Any unfulfilled tasks will delay your start in morning and cut into the amount of time you will spend on the water or on the trail.
Your Trek Leader will lead you through any additional preparations, after which you will be ready to pack up your canoes or hiking gear and hit the trail.

How Do We Know Where We're Going on Our Trip?

Backpacking Treks
Northern Lights High Adventure trek leaders will brief participants before leaving base on the adventure and have maps available for the number of participants. The number of maps needed will depend on the route chosen. Some easier routes will require fewer maps while other more difficult routes could require more.
River and Sea Treks
Northern Lights High Adventure trek leaders help plan routes and develop plans with adult leaders and SPLs or Presidents before leaving base on the adventure. NLHA will have adequate maps available for each trek. The number of maps needed will depend on the route chosen. Some easier routes will require fewer maps than the more advanced routes.


Where Can We Store Our Items While on our Trek?

For crews parking vehicles on base, Northern Lights High Adventure requests that personal gear be stored in the locked vehicle. 
For crews that are dropped off at base without a vehicle, each crew will be issued one locker, for storing personal gear that is not going on trek. The dimensions of the locker are 22” wide, 24” deep and 45” high with locks provided by Northern Lights High Adventure. Northern Lights High Adventure suggests packing in duffel bags for an easier fit in the locker. 
Please note that these lockers are NOT available for crews that have personal vehicles that will be staying in the base parking lot during their trip. If this is the case for your crew, please plan on locking your non-trail gear in your vehicle. 
A lock box is available for all crews to store keys, wallets and other valuables.

Where Do We Sleep on Base? Shower? Do Laundry?

The night you arrive at Northern Lights High Adventure and the night before you return home, you may be sleeping on base. Every effort is made to ensure there are shower buildings with toilet facilities. Crews are encouraged to wait to take a shower until the afternoon they return from their trip in order to save on water resources. Plus, nothing attracts mosquitoes better than a freshly bathed person.
Northern Lights High Adventure does NOT have laundry facilities available. Please come prepared with clean clothes to change into after coming off trek.


When Should We Plan on Starting the Trip Home?

We’re always sorry to see crews depart, but all good things must come to an end. The Check Out process must be completed as early as possible your final day in Alaska before you leave for home. Arrange with your Trek Leader during the Check In process when you initially arrive a time to be dropped off at the airport.


 How Do I Contact NLHA Base Directly?

Throughout the year any questions about the NLHA Base should be directed to the Midnight Sun Council's administrative headquarters in Fairbanks, Alaska at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling the scout office at (907)452-1976 

How do I Get to the NLHA Base? 

Most crews elect to fly into Fairbanks, Alaska for their trek. Northern Lights High Adventure recommends shopping around with different airlines to ensure the best rate. Also consider airline refund/adjustment policies into your decision. 
Once you arrive at the airport in Alaska we will pick you up! Make certain that before you fly you check in with NLHA staff to verify pickup dates and times. 
Driving to NLHA? Contact us directly for more details and tips. 



The premier Alaskan High Adventure outdoor experience for scouts. Backpacking, hiking, canoeing, fishing and more!

Thank you for your interest in the programs of the Northern Lights High Adventure Base. The Midnight Sun Council, Boy Scouts of America, based in Fairbanks, Alaska, operates the Base.

The mission of the Base is to provide a remote outdoor experience to youth and adults within the Scouting program.

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